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Adventureland was once a popular attraction at Blackgang Chine Amusement Park, known as the oldest theme park in the UK that opened in 1843 and is still open today. This particular part of the park was left abandoned in 1994, due to a landslide that brought the cliff edge only feet away from the roundabout. Despite the roundabout being at least 55 years old and incredibly rusty, it still spins like new! I’ve been meaning to shoot here since last year as it’s in such a dark area of the island and an incredible location, definitely one to head back to in the very near future!

Adventureland 1971 (Note the top of the roundabout at the very bottom of the image)

Adventureland in a 1960 video

Adventureland in a 1960 video

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  1. Lovely looking website – good luck with your new adventure, Mandy (Amanda Herbert Photography)

  2. Pfft it’s great there.but now I’m scared so THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME SCARED TO VISIT TERE AGAIN!!!😡😡😡😡

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